Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wild Animal Park

今日は、ジェームスがゆっくり寝られるように、まいけると一緒にワイルド・アニマルパークへ行ってきました! ちびは、遠くに見える動物に興味なし!!!!(象には少し見とれていたけどね)

Today, I took Michael to the Wild Animal Park so that James can sleep quietly! ;-)
We had so much fun!!! Even though Michael didn't want to walk....
We saw ducks and they wanted food from us, so they followed and quack at Michael and he got little scared! lol

He made little friend name Kaya. She a cute little girl from Chicago! ;-)
She and her dad got lost, so we walked togather in the park to show them exit!
They were really nice! Michael played little shy even though he is not.... especially to the girls! lol

I hope they will have a nice vacation in CA! ;-)

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