Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the beach!

久しぶりの海は、とても楽しかったよ! 海岸に着いたら、思ってたより寒くて・・・。行きたくない!とか思ったけど、ちびは、一人でおおはしゃぎ!

砂浜に着いたら、早速靴を脱がせて、つないでいた手を離したら、すぐさま、海へと一直線!!水はまだまだ冷たいので(ジェームス曰く、この辺の海流はアラスカからの寒流だから常に冷たいんだって) 風も冷たいから、ぬれて風邪を引いたらいけないと思い、海から離れたところに陣取って、砂場遊びを始めました!



Last Monday, we all went to the beach for the first time!

It was more cold at the beach than I expected (since Murrieta was 80F I expected as hot as Murrieta...) but it was still fun day!

Michael loves to run around the beach with his shoes off!

As soon as we let him loose on the beach, he went straight to the water... but it was too cold him, so we didn't let him jump in this time, but instead, we dag holes! yay!

He was such a good helper and dag holes and put the sand on his super TONKA that he got for his Bday from his grandpa and grandma! :)

I love doing new stuffs with my son! :D

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