Friday, April 2, 2010



ちびにとっては初めてのディズニーランド!!! 前夜は私のほうがわくわくして眠れませんでした(笑)
春休みということで、かなり人が多くて、駐車場も臨時のバスにのっていくくらい遠かったよ。 しかも、行きのバスの中で、早速帽子嫌いのちびが、帽子を無くしてしまって(涙) 大阪の親戚から誕生祝にいただいたもので、大好きだったのに・・・・。




ちびが昼寝中には、シンディーが休みがてらちびを見ててくれたのでジェームスとマタホーンに乗ってきました!!! 後、2インチ(約4センチ)高ければちびも乗れたんだけど・・・(ちょこっと複雑な気分)


On the 29th of March, Grandma Cindi took us to the Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!

It was Mikey's first time to go to the Disneyland, but I was MORE excited going to the Disneyland than Mikey. lol ( I couldn't sleep well the night before)

Since it was middle of the spring break, the Disneyland was super busy.... :(

Almost all the rides were at least 30 mins of waits.... waiting 30 mins with a year-half old boy was not that easy!!!! especially this Mr. I need to run all the time!

We rode jungle cruise, carrousel, "it's a small world", Roger Rabbit, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and also watched parade! :)

Such a FUN FUN FUN day we had! :)

Michael was a little trooper! He woke up around 0700, and only took on hour nap, but still hyper when we got home at 2200!!!!!!

(too much excitement from the Disneyland! lol)

He waved bye-bye to the Disneyland when we were leaving! :)

His Grandpa Dave bought three big-boy-shirts and two hats (one with goofy ears that I absolutely love!) and Buzz Lightyear gun which is super cool!

He loved his trip to the Disneyland! :)

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