Monday, April 5, 2010

A wild monkey and a beaver


マイケル野ざるがベビーベットから抜け出せるようになって、ジェームスに頼んでベビーベットの底を一番下まで下げてもらったのに、それでも抜け出して。。。。 昼寝はあきらめました!はぁ、これから一日休みなしでちびっ子を追いかけるのかと思うと大変だぁ・・・・。↓↓↓


しかも、軽くかじったんじゃなくて噛みちぎってあるし!!!!! うちの子何も食べさせてないみたい(涙)そんなにひもじかったのかな????(笑)

We got a wild monkey and a beaver!!!!

Mikey now can climb out his crib! James had to lower the bottom all way down! but he still came out of his crib!!!!!

We cannot put him to nap anymore! *tears* (we got to say good buy to our nap-time...)

Even he doesnt take a nap, he was still a wild one! (but he went down so easy though!)

We also found out that he ate part of the crib! He took chunk of the inside of the fence!

I feel like we haven't fed anything to him!!!!! lol

I hope he will stay sleep in the crib tonight! :)

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