Saturday, June 12, 2010




腹が立つ! しかも、今日2度も来たし!!!!!!! 




So, I am officially pissed, AGAIN!

I absolutely dislike my neighbor!!! What the heck do they think they are?!

Since it was a beautiful day, I left our window open all day. and this Mr. no ball, who only can complain about baby to the lady next door, came up to me and asked me to shut my window because my son was so loud!

He is a boy! Its his job to be loud and crying!!!!!! You guys moved in after us, they knew we have a little kid, so DEAL or MOVE!

I wish when they have a kid, they would have a nicest neighbor like we have!!!!! and coming and let them know how loud their kid's been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish they will move out tomorrow! I don't even see their face anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there any nice people around anymore????

not easy raising kids now a days!

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