Tuesday, June 15, 2010


またまた、行って来ましたディズニーランド! 年間パスをかなり有効に使っております!!!


と、言うことで、乗り物はあきらめて、ちびが楽しめる遊びをしました! 初めて海賊の島に上陸しました!ちびは、大はしゃぎ!一人で、走り出して、入れる洞窟すべてに、入ったり、(こっちは、ついていくので、一杯一杯!) 階段はとりあえず、上って、降りて!!!! 橋を見たら、渡るべし!(笑) 本当に、一人で、大冒険を満喫してました!
夜まで、ディズニーを満喫!ファンタズミアを初めて見ました! 3時間前から、場所を陣取っている人がいて、そんなにいいものか?!と、半信半疑だったけど、かなりよかった!!!感動!

We went to Disneyland again! We already got money worth for the year pass!!!!!! yay us!

I just love Disneyland!

Since it was the first day of the summer vacation for kids, there were too many people in the park.... Since waiting for the rides were so long, we decided to do Mikey friendly play day today!

We went to the Pairates Island for the first time. Mieky just LOVED it!

He enjoyed running around the island! :) --even though it was hard for us to catch up with this little runner!

We enjoyed all day!!!! I even had a turkey leg! yay!

and at night we watched a show called Fantasmic!

It was just AMAZING! just loved it! Michael didnt even blink while he was watching the show! It was that GREAT!

I want to watch it again! :) :):):) maybe next week! lol

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